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    For larger projects or a site visit please call John or Sean Van Kerrebroeck at 519-670-5073.

    Maple Trees

    Pacific Sunset Maple

    Black Sugar Maple

    Autumn Blaze Maple

    Columnar Armstrong Maple

    Red Pointe Maple

    Royal Red Maple

    Crimson Sunset Maple

    Oak Trees

    Red Oak

    White Oak

    Burr Oak

    English Oak

    Pyramidal English Oak

    Street Spire Oak

    Hornbeam & European Beech Hedge

    Pyramidal European Hornbeam

    Hornbeam & European Beech Hedge

    Shade Trees

    Greenspire Linden


    Multi Stem Birch

    Lincoln Linden

    Ginkgo Biloba

    Princeton Sentry Columnar Ginkgo

    Tulip Tree

    Flowering/Small Trees

    Robin Hill Serviceberry

    Chanticleer Pear

    Silk Ivory Lilac

    Royal Rain Drop Crab Apple


    Chinese Dogwood

    Forest Pansy Red Bud

    Blue Spruce Trees

    Baby Blue Spruce

    Montrose Charm White Spruce

    Balsam Fur

    Hosta Plants

    Ivory Cost


    Lakeside Prophecy

    Larger Trees

    Sugar Maple


    Autumn Blaze Maple