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Flowering / Small Trees

Forest Pansy Red Bud Featured Image

Forest Pansy Red Bud

Rich mahogany-colored leaves AND its purple flowers which cover stems and branches before leaves appear in spring

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Royalrain Drop Crabapple Featured Image

Royalrain Drop Crabapple

One of the prettiest purple leafed crab apples. Growth is upright with a round crown. Masses of fragrant, magenta- pink flowers in mid spring. This tree loves full sun.

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Chinese Dogwood Featured Image

Chinese Dogwood

Dark green bracts slowly expand, become a beautiful creamy white that sometimes fades to deep pink. Longest lasting bracts of all the dogwoods. Gorgeous scarlet autumn foliage.

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Katsura Featured Image


Heart shaped leaves emerge bright red, changing to blue-green in the summer. Smells pleasantly like cotton candy in the fall.

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Silk Ivory Lilac Featured Image

Silk Ivory Lilac

A medium size sturdy tree with large, fragrant heads of creamy-white flowers in early July. Very hardy.

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Chanticleer Pear Featured Image

Chanticleer Pear

Upright pyramidal crown with even branching. Beautiful reddish fall colour. Clean, maintenance free tree.

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Robin Hill Serviceberry Featured Image

Robin Hill Serviceberry

Masses of pink buds, opening to large white flowers. Upright in form. Fall foliage a bright orange and red.

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