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Maple Trees

Silver Maple Featured Image

Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum, commonly known as silver maple, creek maple, silverleaf maple, soft maple, large maple, water maple, swamp maple, or white maple, is a species of maple native to the eastern and central United States and southeastern Canada.

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Red Pointe Maple Featured Image

Red Pointe Maple

Brillant red fall colour plus upright, broadly pyramidal form makes this an outstanding addition to any location. The refined form of this Acer Rubrum has a fast growth rate featuring a straight and dominant central lead resulting a strong branch structure.

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Columnar Armstrong Gold Featured Image

Columnar Armstrong Gold

Armstrong Gold Maple is a deciduous tree with a narrowly upright columnar growth habit-green leaves in the summer months turning orange and red in the fall

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Autumn Blaze Maple Featured Image

Autumn Blaze Maple

Cross between Red and Silver maple with the drought tolerance of SilverĀ Maple and beautiful fall colour of the Red Maple. A fast grower.

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Crimson Sunset Maple Featured Image

Crimson Sunset Maple

This hybrid has good heat tolerance. Comparable to a Crimson King but its form is more upright and compact

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Royal Red Maple Featured Image

Royal Red Maple

Oval shaped tree with leaves a deep red colour from spring until fall. Excellent street tree: tolerant of city conditions.

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Columnar Armstrong Red Maple Featured Image

Columnar Armstrong Red Maple

This Red Maple cultivar is a rapid grower with light grey bark and a narrow, upright growth habit. Ideal where space is limited.

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Black Sugar Maple Featured Image

Black Sugar Maple

A native tree with droopy green leaves. Brilliant fall colours of yellow, orange and red.

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Pacific Sunset Maple Featured Image

Pacific Sunset Maple

A hybrid with upright, rounded growth habit. Outstanding glossy green foliage will change to a brilliant red in the fall.

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