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Additional Shade Trees

Princeton Sentry Columnar Ginkgo Featured Image

Princeton Sentry Columnar Ginkgo

A true 150 million year old relic with distinctive fan-shaped leaves; this variety features a narrowly pyramidal form and reliable fall color, does not produce fruit; a great choice for the smaller home landscape.

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Tulip Tree Featured Image

Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree is a Native tree with distinctive leaves and large green yellow tulip shaped flowers in the spring.

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Ginkgo Tree Featured Image

Ginkgo Tree

A fossil tree with unusual fan shaped leaves. Very resistant to disease. The leaves turn a beautiful yellow in the fall. Very Tolerant to urban conditions

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Multi Stem Birch Featured Image

Multi Stem Birch

This tree has the whitest bark of all birches, starting already when the tree is still very small. A beautiful contrast against darker foliage.

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Lincoln Linden Featured Image

Lincoln Linden

A slender upright, compact tree having lighter green to dark green foliage.

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Hackberry Featured Image


An excellent tree for adverse soil conditions. Very suitable for cities and along streets. Light green leaves and a rough corky bark. Native.

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Greenspire Linden Featured Image

Greenspire Linden

A rapid growing Linden with a symmetrical pyramidal crown and small, dark green leaves. Excellent shade tree.

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